Monthly Archives: September, 2011

progressive yuppies

union lake from kite hill– gasworks park — seattle, washington — may, 2011

seattlites far and wide took advantage of the sunny interlude from the daily gloom while i was up visiting a few months back. so i got an opportunity to observe the intriguing people of seattle while they were outdoors enjoying the warmth of the sun. it was no surprise to see white-asian couples and their cute, little hapakids flying kites because, well, that kind of family has become quite commonplace these days. and while international adoptions have skyrocketed since they were popularized by the jolie-pitts, what was fascinating to me was the number of white couples i saw with full asian children. a town of progressive yuppies, they are.

hip fruit vendors at pike place market — seattle washington — may 2011

an edwardian sorcerer and a grown-up page boy selling fruit. for some reason, i take these guys seriously. maybe i’m just jaded about hollywood hipster culture, but there’s something more organic about the hipsters of the northwest. and i’m not just talking about their fruit.