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you have arrived

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it was one of the hottest days in the valley when i took an extended lunch to go to an interview in van nuys. working as an editor at a dead-end, uninspiring [post] post production house was wearing on me, and i was ready for a significant change in my career. a pay-cutting change, even. i drove my air-conditionless honda crv down the miserable, pothole laden streets of van nuys with all my windows down, trying desperately to avoid showing up in a sweat-drenched blouse (this was apparently an invitation for a man in a wife beater with neck tattoos to holler at me through my open windows). i drove slowly down a street lined with industrial buildings, perplexed at where my directions were leading me. i’m interviewing for a tv show, i thought, what am i doing out here? i didn’t even know what i was looking for.

at the end of the street…

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