i have two other blogs: my “official” blog linked to my website and a private one which i probably won’t link.

despite my moderate case of wanderlust, i’ve lived in southern california all my life. i grew up in an asian-condensed los angeles suburb 30 miles east of downtown. i want to experience more of the world — in a long-term sense — but i often feel lonely, and my difficulty to make meaningful human connections makes me cling to the few i have here.

i work in television post production. i plan to be the unsung hero of all your favorite programming.

i’ve, thusfar, run two half marathons and a handful of 10ks, mud runs, and fun runs. i hate running, but boy do i love eating.

somehow, i started playing keyboard in a band called hot tv a few years back. i haven’t told anyone, but it’s changed my life, yo.

75% filipino, 25% chinese, 100% sinner, saved by the grace of God.

i often do impersonations of my filipino mother. it’s a real crowd-pleaser, but my ability to speak tagalog is equivalent to that of a child.

penelope lane leong is my adopted daughter…of feline descent.

i have combination oily skin.


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  1. do you have an email i could email you on to ask you a question? i have found your cover of mirahs “birthday present” on you tube and have been desperately trying to find the chords/tabs for that song to learn to play it for someone special in.. well.. 3 days. please email me if you think you could help! (i’m a super fresh beginner ukulele player)

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