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happy halloweenie, weenies!



bobble head


this is the biggest my head has ever looked on my body

because they said i couldn’t, i proved to them i could. after 2 miserable months of anger-driven weight loss, the results are as follows:

initial weigh-in: january 6, 2014

129.2 lbs.

mid-competition weigh-in: february 6, 2014

121.3 lbs.

final weigh-in: march 6, 2014

111.6 lbs.

total loss

17.6 lbs./13.6% body weight

1st place


my rewards….my delicious rewards.


i got a few tips from some wrestler friends on how to cut weight by fluid reduction. holy moly! i had no idea how easy it is to shed water weight in so little time.

Day 07 – Your best friend, in great detail

calling someone your ‘best friend’ is like saying ‘i love you’ for the first time. you don’t want to say it unless you’re certain the other person feels the same way. when you call someone your ‘best friend’ you’re saying they mean the most to you out of all your other friends. revealing this can make you a bit vulnerable, which can potentially lead to jealousy if others claim your best friend as their own (eg. bridesmaids).

mark and i have known each other since he befriended my brother, lance, at caroline tran’s birthday party in 3rd grade. soon enough, he was coming over to play sega genisis, and when lance became too cool to play with little kids, we started to hanging out on our own. many years of pogs, comic books, park swings, “clueless” quotes, naps, joy rides, fights and late night car talks followed. we became permanent fixtures in each other’s lives, and i’m pretty sure i’m still the only person outside of his family who calls him by his middle name.

i’m content with saying that jeff mark munar is my best friend even though i know he holds that status in other people’s lives. i mean, come on. who wouldn’t call him their best friend? his magnetic personality and boyish, yet salacious, charm harbor nothing less than genuine sincerity. it’s easy to spend hours talking to him because intimate conversation is so natural with him, and before you know it you are telling him the most visceral details of your life. his zest for life and charisma are captivating; his work ethic and determination are admirable; he’ll tell you how it is and call you on your shit. and he’s one of the most devoted friends you will ever have. he lives in san francisco now, pursing his career as an art director for a top advertising company, but hanging out after long gaps of time remains the same. i tell him i love him every time we talk, but that still doesn’t quite express how dear he is to me.