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happy halloweenie, weenies!



closet fangirl

this is what i see when patrick warburton smiles at me.

i work on the show rules of engagement, starring the actor behind my favorite spoof-superhero and cartoon bodyguard to super science family. having worked in entertainment for a few years now, i’ve had my fair share of celebrity sightings in and out of work, and i’ve always been very professional around the actors, respecting their privacy and their desire to be treated like a normal human being. so i’m usually good about keeping my cool, even when i’m a huge fan of a person’s work.

but c’mon. we’re talking brock samson here. i approached him for the first time at craft services. he was warming his sandwich, and i had 30 seconds to make something happen. i calmly and respectfully introduced myself, but not more than a moment passed before i melted into an awkward teen gushing about how big a fan i was of his work on the tick and the venture bros. since then, we’ve spoken a few times in passing…shared smiles…waves…a pair of salad tongs at the dinner line before last night’s shoot…but, you know, who’s counting? i’m trying really hard to keep it together, keep this fangirl closeted, and be one of his co-workers instead of one of his fans. but i just snuck a picture of him at today’s table read. the fangirl is muscling her way out.

the long haul

the pencil nebula
the endeavour used to be here.

and now it’s HERE!!
the endeavor in la

i was sent on assignment by my boss to go over one of the endeavour’s flyover points and take pictures (the above are not mine) — completely unrelated to the tv post production world, but totally related to MY world. she didn’t even know i was a space fan, but she told me to take the day and bring back some pictures. what a perfect excuse for a day off!

it was foolish of me to have underestimated the crowd that was drawn by the endeavour’s last flight, and at the griffith observatory of all places! two hours to drive 12 miles should have given me ample time to get to the observatory — even considering morning traffic. but the streets below were littered with cars, practically unmoving, along with a line of cars signaling to get into an already gridlocked right lane. when i turned into one of the streets leading up, i found it closed to observers. the hill had filled up. so i parked in a residential street and started hiking two miles in high 80 degree weather with a camera bag filled with lenses and tripod in tow.

but what a sight. the energy at the top of that hill was electrifying. there it was flying before me– a space ship…that’s been in space…during my lifetime…and now lives in my city.

this one’s mine.